As a leader or co-leader

  Brecker, Michael Michael Brecker 1987 MCA Impulse! MCAD-5980
  Brecker, Michael Don't Try This At Home 1988 MCA Impulse! MCAD-42229
  Brecker, Michael Now You See It ... (Now You Don't) 1990 GRP GRD-9622
  Brecker, Michael Tales From The Hudson 1996 Impulse! 11912
  Brecker, Michael Two Blocks From The Edge 1998 Impulse! 11107 260 2
  Brecker, Michael Time Is Of The Essence 1999 Verve 3145418442
  Brecker, Michael Nearness of You 2001 Verve 01 314 549 705-2
  Brecker Brothers, The The Brecker Brothers 1975 Arista AL 4037
  Brecker Brothers, The Back To Back 1976 Arista AL 4061
  Brecker Brothers, The Don't Stop The Music 1977 Arista AL 4122
  Brecker Brothers, The Heavy Metal Be-Bop 1978 Arista AB 4185
  Brecker Brothers, The Detente 1980 Arista AB 4272
  Brecker Brothers, The Straphangin' 1981 Arista AL 9550
  Brecker Brothers, The Return Of The Brecker Brothers 1992 GRP GRD-9684
  Brecker Brothers, The Out Of The Loop 1994 GRP GRD-9784
  Brecker Brothers, The Collection Vol.1 (Compilation) 1990 BMG 3075-2-N
  Brecker Brothers, The Collection Vol.2 (Compilation) 1990 BMG 3076-2-N
  Steps Smokin' In The Pit 1981 Better Days YB-7010/7011-N
  Steps Step By Step 1981 Better Days YF-7020-N
  Steps Paradox 1982 Better Days YF-7044-N
  Steps Ahead Steps Ahead 1983 Elektra Musician E1 60168-1
  Steps Ahead Modern Times 1984 Elektra Musician 9 60351-1-E
  Steps Ahead Magnetic 1986 Elektra 9 60441-2
  Steps Ahead Live in Tokyo 1986 94 NYC Record VACF-1006
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