Michael Brecker
Discography As a sideman:    A – B
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  Rainbow featuring
 Will Boulware
Crystal Green 1978 East Wind EW-8501
  Ramblerny School 66 (Summer Big Band Camp) 1966    
  Rangell, Nelson Members Only 1987 Muse MCD 5332
  Rankin, Kenny Here In My Heart 1997 Private Music 0100582148-2
  Rare Silk New Weave 1983 Polydor(E) 810 028-2
  Reed, Lou Between Thought and Expression      
  Reed, Lou Berlin 1973 RCA 10207
  Reed, Lou New Sensations Word RCA AFL1-4998
  Reedus, Tony &
 Urban Relations
People Get Ready 1998 Sweet Basil TECW-25733
  Reynolds, L.J. L. J. Reynolds 1991 Bellmark 77003
  Rhodes, Rick Indian Summer 1995 Geronimo PSCW-5319
  Rhodes, Rick Deep in the Night 1998 Award 80001
  Riel, Alex Unriel 1997 Stunt Records STUCD19707
  Ritchie Family Bad Reputation 1979 Casablanca  
  Rivera, Scarlet Scarlet Fever 1978 Warner Brothers BSK 3174
  Roony, Wallace Village 1997 Warner Brothers  
  Ross, Diana Red Hot Rhythm And Blues 1987 RCA 6388-1-R
  Ross, Diana The Boss 1979 Motown STML12118(UK)
  Ross, Diana Why Do Fools Fall In Love 1981 Capitol 26733(UK)
  Ross, Diana Swept Away 1984 RCA AFL1-5009
  Rubalcaba, Gonzalo Inner Voyage 1999 Blue Note  
  Rundgren, Todd Something/Anything? 1972 Warner Brothers 2BX 2066
  Rundgren, Todd A Wizard, A True Star 1973 Bearsville 2133
  Rundgren, Todd Todd 1974 Bearsville 6952
  Saint & Stephanie Saint & Stephanie      
  Salvatore, Sergio Tune Up 1994 GRP GRD-9846
  Salvatore, Sergio Point Of Presence 1997 N2K Encoded Music N2K-10018
  Sanborn, David Inside 1999 Elektra 7559-62346-2
  Sanborn, David Taking Off 1975 Warner Brother BS 2873
  Sanborn, David Heart to Heart 1978 Warner Brother BSK 3189
  Sanborn, David Straight To The Heart 1984 Warner Brother 9 25150 2
  Sanborn, David A Change Of Heart 1987 Warner Brother W1-25479
  Sandke, Randy The Sandke Brothers (Compilation) 1993 Stash CD-575
  Sandke, Randy Chase 1995 Concord CCD-4642
  Sandoval, Arturo SwinginĠ 1996    
  Sandoval, Arturo Hot House 1998 N2K 10023
  Santamaria, Mongo Red Hot 1979 Tappan Zee  
  Satten, Steve Whatcha Gonna Do For Me? 1975 Columbia PC33478
  Schlitz, Don Dreamers Matinee 1980    
  Sebesky, Don The Rape Of El Morro 1975 CTI CTI-6061
  Section 72 Section 72   Warner Brothers BS2661
  Seifert, Zbigniew Zbigniew Seifert   Capitol 11618
  Sidran, Ben Freen in America 1976 Arista AL4081
  Sidran, Ben Live At Montreux 1978 Arista AB4218 92
  Sidran, Ben The Cat And The Hat 1979 A&M/Horizon LJ741
  Silver, Horace The Best Of Horace Silver Volume Two (Compilation) 1972 Blue Note CDP 7 93206 2
  Silver, Horace In Pursuit Of The 27th Man 1972 Blue Note LA054-F
  Silver, Horace The Hardbop Grandpop 1996 Impulse! IMPD-192
  Silver, Horace A Prescription Of The Blues 1997 Impulse! IMPD-238
  Simon & Garfunkel Old Friends 1993 Print 001/002
  Simon, Carly Coming Around Again 1987 Arista A32D-11
  Simon, Carly Carly Simon's Romulus Hunt 1993 Angel CDQ 54915 2
  Simon, Carly Hotcakes 1974 Elektra 75049
  Simon, Carly Boys In The Trees 1978 Elektra  
  Simon, Carly Spy 1979 Elektra 5E506
  Simon, Carly Torch 1981 Warner Brother 3592
  Simon, Carly Hello Big Man 1983 Warner Brother 23866-1
  Simon, Carly Greatest Hits Live 1988 Arista A32D-58
  Simon, Carly My Romance 1990 Arista ARCD-8582
  Simon, Carly Have You Seen Me Lately? 1990 Arista ARCD-8650
  Simon, Harris New York Connection 1978 Jimco Music EWCD 701
  Simon, Harris Swish 1980 Jimco Music EWCD 710
  Simon, John Out On The Street 1992 Pioneer LDC PICP-1001
  Simon, Paul Still Crazy After All These Years 1975 CBS 33540
  Simon, Paul The Rhythm Of The Saints 1990 Warner Brothers 9 26098-2
  Simon, Paul Paul Simon's Concert in the Park 1991 Warner Brothers 26737-2
  Simon, Paul Live USA 1991 imm 40.90149
  Simon, Paul Simon, Paul 1992 Pluto PLR CD9229
  Simone Seducao 1988 CBS 231157
  Sinatra, Frank L. A. Is My Lady 1984 Qwest/WarnerBrothers 25145-1
  Sivertsen, Kenneth Remembering North 1994 NYC NYC 6007-2
  SIXUN Lunatic Taxi 1995 Verve 528 785-2
  SMAP 006 SEXY SIX 1994 Victor VICL 540
  SMAP 007 Gold Singer 1995 Victor VICL 671
  SMAP 008 Tacomax 1996 Victor VICL 745
  SMAP 009 1996 Victor VICL-800
  SMAP WOOL (Compilation) 1997 JVC VICL-40212/3
  Smappies Rhythmsticks 1996 Victor VICP8165
  Smappies Smappies II 1999 JVC VICP60719
  Smith, Michael W Big Picture 1985 Reunion 66166-2
  Snow, Phoebe Against The Grain 1977 CBS 34456
  Snow, Phoebe Never Letting Go 1977 CBS 34875
  SOS All Stars, The New York Rendezvous 1987 CMG 8001
  Spinners Love Trippin' 1980 Atlantic SD19270
  Spinozza, David Spinozza 1977 A&M SP-4677
  Springsteen, Bruce Born To Run 1975 CBS 33795
  Spyro Gyra Morning Dance 1979 MCA MCAD 37148
  Spyro Gyra Carnaval 1980 MCA MCA-5149
  Spyro Gyra Freetime 1981 MCA MCA-5238
  Stardrive Intergalatic Trot 1973 Elektra EK75058
  Stark & McBrian Big Star      
  Starr, Ringo Ringo's Rotogravure 1975 Atlantic SD 18193
  Starr, Ringo Ringo The Fourth 1977 Polydor ATCO19108
  Staton, Candi Young Hearts Run Free      
  Staton, Candi Candi Staton 1980 W.B. BSK3428
  Staton, Candi Chance 1979 W.B. BSK3333
  Steely Dan Gold (Compilation) 1982 MCA MCF3145
  Steely Dan Gaucho 1980 MCA MCAD 37220
  Stern, Mike Time In Place 1988 Atlantic Jazz 7 81840-2
  Stern, Mike Jigsaw 1989 Atlantic Jazz 7 82027-2
  Stern, Mike Is What It Is 1994 Atlantic Jazz 82571-2
  Stern, Mike Give And Take 1997 Atlantic 7567-83036-2
  Stone Alliance Heads Up 1980 PM K-149
  Sunshine Sunshine 1977 Roulette SR3018
  Super Nova Brazilian Jazz - The music and lyrics of Claudia Villela 1998 Jazzhead JH 9504
  Superfriends Taste of Superfriends 1992    
  Syms, Sylvia She Loves To Hear The Music 1978 A&M SP-4696
  T-Square and Friends Miss You In New York 1995 Sony SRCL-3330
Discography As a sideman:    A – B    C – F    G – L    M – P    R – S    T – Z