Michael Brecker
Discography As a sideman:    A – B
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  Takahashi, Mariko Couplet 1994 Victor VICL-558
  Taylor, James One Man Dog 1972 Warner Brothers 2660
  Taylor, James Walking Man 1974 Warner Brothers B523794
  Taylor, James In The Pocket 1976 Warner Brothers 2912
  Taylor, James That's Why I'm Here 1985 Columbia CK 40052
  Taylor, James Never Die Young 1988 Columbia CK 40851
  Taylor, James New Moon Shine 1991 Columbia CK 46038
  Taylor, James Hourglass 1997 Columbia CK 67912
  Taylor, Kate Taylor, Kate 1978 Columbia PC35089
  Tee, Richard Strokin' 1978 Tappan Zee JC 35695
  Terrason, Jacky What It Is 1998 Blue Note 7243 4 98756 2 3
  Third World Serious Business 1989 MME. PHCR-4742
  Third World Reggae Ambassadors: 20th Anniversary (Compilation)      
  Thomas, B. J. Longhorn & London Bridges 1974 Paramount 1020
  Thomas, Joe Feelin's From Within 1976 Groove Merchant GM-3315
  Thursday Diva Follow Me 1995 Dmp CD-509
  Tolvan Big Band Colours      
  Tomlinson, Malcom Coming Outta Nowhere      
  Tornader Hit It Again 1977 Polydor PL1 6098
  Tramaine The Serach Is Over 1986 A&M 395110-1
  Tropea, John Tropea 1976 Marlin 2200
  Tropea, John Short Trip To Space 1977 T. K. 14061
  Tropea, John To Touch You Again 1978 Marlin 2222
  Turner Tina Love Explosion 1978 Ariola 206543
  Tyler, Bonnie Secret Dreams And Forbidden Fire 1986 Columbia OC 40312
  Tyner, McCoy Trio Featuring Michael Brecker Infinity 1995 Impluse! IMPD-17
  UZEB Fast Emotion 1982 Cream CR 0 22-2
  Urbanator Urbanator 1994 Hip Bop Records HIBD8001
  Vallie, Frankie Lady Put The Light Out 1977 PrivateStock PS7002
  Vandross, Luther Forever, For Always, For Love 1982 Epic FE38235
  Vannoni, Ornella Ornella E... 1986 CGD 21219
  Various Artists It Happened In ... Pescara 1969-1989   Philology W100/101
  Various Artists The Atlantic Family Live in Montreux 1978 Atlantic SD2-3000
  Various Artists Montreux Jazz Festival -25th Anniversary 1981 Warner WE888
  Various Artists Brastilava Jazz Days, 1987 1987 Opus (Cz) OE5549
  Various Artists A Homeless Children's Medical Benefit Concert 1987 Yellow Cat YC 013/14
  Various Artists Jazz Pizazz 1991 Novus/Bluebird/RCA RDJ 61083-2
  Various Artists The Fabulous Pescara Jam Sessions 1970-1975 1991 Philology W96-2
  Various Artists Two Rooms- celebrating the songs of Elton John & Bernie Taupin 1991 Polydor 845 750-2
  Various Artists Casino Lights-Live at Montreux (CD Only) 1993 Warner Brothers 23718-2
  Various Artists It's a Jazz Thing 1993 EVA 74321181512
  Various Artists Pazz and Jops 1994 1994 GRP MVCR-164
  Various Artists Jazz To The World 1995 Blue Note CDP 7243 8 32127 2 9
  Various Artists For Our Children Too 1996 Kid Rhino R2 72494
  Various Artists Who Loves You - A Tribute To Jaco Pastorias 1998 JVC VICJ-60185
  Vazquez, Papo At The Point V. One 1999 Cubop CBCD015
  Vick, Harold After The Dance 1977 WOLF 1202
  Vollenweider, Andreas Kryptos 1997 SONY Classical  
  Voudouris, Roger Radio Dream 1979 W.B. BSK3290
  Walden, Narada Michael Awakening 1979 Atlantic SD19222
  Walden,Chris Orchestra Ticino 1996 ACT 9229-2
  Waldman, Randy Wigged Out      
  Watanabe, Kazumi To Chi Ka 1980 Better Days YX-7265ND
  Watanabe, Kazumi MOBO (DISK 1/2) 1983 Trio/Domo AW-20006/7
  Watanabe, Kazumi Mobo (Complete Original) 1986 Domo H60P-20121
  Watanabe, Kazumi Mobo Splash 1985 Domo H33P-20050
  Watanabe, Misato Spirits 1996 EPIC/Sony ESCB1742
  Watanabe, Sadao Morning Island 1979 Flying Disk VIJ-6018
  Weckl, Dave Master Plan 1990 GRP GRD-9619
  Wendroff, Michael Wendroff, Michael 1973 Buddah BDS5130
  Wesley, Fred &
  The Horny Horns
A Blow For Me, A Toot To You 1977 Atlantic SD-18214
  Wheeler, Kenny Double, Double You 1983 ECM ECM 1262
  White Elephant White Elephant 1972 Just Sunshine JSS-3000
  White, Lenny Present Tense 1996 Hip Bop HIBD 8004
  White, Lenny Renderers Of Spirit 1996 Omagatoki  
  White, Michael Project 3 Take That 1997 Pony Canyon PCCY-01155
  Wild Cherry Electrified Funk 1977    
  Wild Cherry I Love My Music 1978 Epic 35011
  Wilkins, Jack You Can't Live Without It 1976 Chiaroscuro CR 185
  Wilkins, Jack Merge (Compilation) 1992 Chiaroscuro CR 156
  William, Patrick
  New York Band
10th Avenue 1987 Soundwings SWD-2103
  Williams, Tony The Joy Of Flying 1979 CBS JC35705
  Williams, Tony Wilderness 1996 ARK21 72438 54571 2 8
  de Winkel, Torsten Mastertouch 1989 Optimism OP CD-321
  Winter, Johnny John Dawson Winter III 1974 Blue Sky 33292
  Writers, The All In Fun 1979 Columbia JL 35768
  XL Jukola 1998 Pohjola Records PELPCD 10
  Yonekura, Toshinori Cool Jamz 1995 Pionner LDC(Japan)  
  Yoshida, Minako Light'n Up 1982 Alfa ALR28040
  Yoshida, Miwa Beauty And Harmony 1995 EPIC/SONYRecords ESCB1710
  Zappa, Frank Live In New York 1976 Warner Brothers 2D 2290
  Zappa, Frank Lather 1976 Rykodisc RCD10574/76
  Zappa, Frank Leatherette/1977 1977 Four Aces Records FAR008
  Zappa, Frank You Can't Do That On Stage Anymore Vol.6 1992 Ryokodisc RCD10571/72
  Zonjic, Alexander Romance With You 1988 Optimism OP CD3207
Discography As a sideman:    A – B    C – F    G – L    M – P    R – S    T – Z